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ROTG: Norinda Edgar and Connie by wobbily ROTG: Norinda Edgar and Connie by wobbily
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I know in my last submission introducing my ROTG OC's, I only had two characters, but I really wanted a male character. I wanted a really nice and kind character, whereas, Connie, the blonde one, is a huge bitch in this format.

Also, I want to point out that these three are spirits just like Pitch, Jack Frost, and Sandy (according to research, Sandy is also a spirit). Meaning: they all had previous "normal" lives. AKA, human beings. Also, like Jack Frost, Sandy, and Pitch, they passed on at a young age, and something tragic had happened in their lives that the man in the moon gave them a second chance to help balance the world.

:star: Norinda Yve Xander ( Nyx )

She lived in the Golden Age, in fact, she was Kozmotis Pitchiner's lieutenant. She was very close to Pitchiner at this time, he and her were very close. Business had turned into romantic pleasure, or it would have had it hadn't been for the fearlings taking over Pitchiner's soul. She also took care of Katherine, Pitchiner's daughter and little orphan boy a bit younger than her named Fredrick Tabano. ( I don't have a history for him yet ) In a way, together they were like a family. Norinda's job was to train the soldiers combat and survival skills in the wild. However, she was a master at finding their way back home. When others would panic, she would trust her instincts and find her way back. Her secret was: to trust the stars. After Pitchiner became Pitch Black, she took over his position, and took care of Katherine and Fredrick full time. One day, her fleet abandoned her, saying she had no idea what she was doing, didn't deserve Pitchiner's old position, and she had no skills of survival. One of them notified her that she was to meet lost privates and guide them back. She had no idea her fleet and comrades would deceive her, which led her to believe that she had failed everyone, including the stars, and even Pitchiner. Even though she had witnessed the pain and sorrow that is Pitch Black, she still believes that Pitchiner is still in there somewhere. In a desperate time, she turned to the moon, and instead asked it for help. She didn't die, however. The Man in the Moon saw her act towards people, and how she would keep them safe, and he heard her plea. Although he did not make her into a guardian, he made her into Nyx, goddess of stars. Currently, she creates, and puts the stars in the night sky, aiding those who believe in the stars to guide them home. Fact She is the only one who remembers who she was before becoming Nyx. She owns a book of her past memories.

:kiss: Connie Pamela Dadon ( Cupid ) ( this information may be a bit shorter than Nyx's ^^; also may not be as glamorous )

Born in a brothel, she was abused and taken advantage of at a young age. With the abuse and scorn of her childhood, she was bitter and hateful. It led her to believe that she could not trust anyone and that everyone was a horrific liar, a deceiver. She soon was infested with sexual diseases, and she passed on, still filed with hate and deceit, thinking enemies had infected her purposely. Although as she died, she did wish someone had cared about her, that someone could love her. The Man in the Moon watched her, and heard her wish. Therefore making her into Cupid. She was in charge of helping people realize their true love. However, even though she is a spirit of love, she still has a bad heart herself. She and Nyx had known each other for about 800 years, and Nyx loathes the life out of her. As the years went by, she grew boresome watching people fall in love and not have one of her own. She grew jealous and lazy. And soon the Man in the Moon had to act fast.

:heart: Edgar Randall Sado ( Eros )

He was, and still is, a lovely and kind bookstore owner. He was loved by all, being a sweet and caring person; and envied by many. He was quite the romantic, and that was all he cared about above everything else. He believed that Love conquered everything, and money didn't matter to him. He was head over heels in love with a little lady, he had given everything to her. But pure love couldn't protect her from her sickness that killed her. Stricken with depression, he soon cared less about love and his bookstore. One day, he was attacked by a group of thugs that wanted to rob him of his valuable. But with a broken heart, he didn't care what happened to him, which led to his death by battery. The Man in the Moon then created him to be Eros, and informed him that with Cupid's laziness, he would help her with her work.

ROTG (C) Dreamworks
Norinda, Edgar, Connie (C) wobbily
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